Listing Forms



  • HAFA Program Breakdown – HAFA program breakdown and list of participating vendors
  • Seller Q and A Qualification Worksheet – This worksheet has important questions for you to ask a homeowner to qualify them for a short sale
  • Seller information Worksheet – This is a basic property information sheet to fill out information on the homeowner as you are speaking to them and qualifying them.
  • Financial Worksheet – This two page worksheet will detail a homeowners financial situation.  It also has another list of the required documents.
  •   Short Sale Package Checklist – This is a simple checklist of items that will be included in a complete short sale package
  • Short Sale File Cover Sheet – This is a cover sheet for the front of your short sale files.  It will have basic property information that you may need to quickly find when calling their lender (such as borrower social security number, loan number, address ect…)
  • Call Log Sheet – An important part of a short sale file is to have a call log to document any calls, faxes, or communications with the sellers lender regarding the short sale transaction.
  •  Lenders 3rd Party Authorization Form – This form will give you authorization to speak to the borrowers lender regarding the loan.