Feb. 11th 2010 Tele-Seminar #4 CLICK HERE!

This was our first conference exclusively for preferred partner members of the network.  On this conference we discussed the importance of screening sellers for a short sale, and went over some hardship situations, as well as “disqualifiers” such as divorce, future loan mods, and bankruptcy.  and went over how to explain the short sale process to them and inform them of expectations.  Next, we discussed all of the new listing forms on the preferred partner members website that will help show your sellers that you are an authority in short sales.

November 5th 2009 Tele-Seminar #3 CLICK HERE!

This tele-seminar we discussed many very important details that must be considered in every short sale transaction.

  • The importance of a year-long listing agreement
  • How to find out foreclosure case data and information
  • The importance of educating sellers on the pitfalls of doing a Loan Modification or Deed in Lieu of foreclosure
  • Negotiating commission with the lender(s). (how to get 6%!)
  • What to do with multiple offers on properties
  • Tips to get your file recognized by the lender(s) and approved quickest

Thanks for being part of the Short Sale Specialist Network!  Third time is a charm, as we believe this one was by far our best and most prepared tele-seminar yet!  Hope you guys have found it helpful in some way!

June 25th, 2009 Tele-Seminar #2 CLICK HERE!

This one went more smoothly than the first one, and many technical glitches were worked out.  This tele-seminar we discussed

  • The importance of using an “in house” negotiator, as opposed to a 3rd party mitigation company
  • What to do when a lender wants a deficiency repaid
  • Tips to postpone foreclosure proceedings
  • The importance of preparing a proper HUD 1 and short sale package

The question and answer session at the end went much better as well.  We had a large amount of questions that unfortunately were not all answered.

Thanks for participating and being part of the Short Sale Specialist Network