Bank Forms


Below you will find various short sale forms and documents from most of the major lenders. We keep these pages updated very regularly and will be adding more soon!

ASC Listing Agreement Addendum
ASC Arms Length Affidavit
ASC Contract Addendum
ASC Closing Date Extension
ASC Financial Worksheet

Aurora Loan Services
Aurora Loan Services 3rd Pary Authorization Form
Aurora Loan Services Short Sale Package

Bank of America
Bank of America Short Sale Package and Bank of America Short Sale Requirements (for 2nds and HELOCs only)
Bank of America FHA Loan Short Payoff Request Short Sale Package

Chase Short Sale Information Packet
Chase Short Sale Supplemental Information Packet

Citi Financial Mortgage
Citi Short Sale Package and Hardship Assistance Package

Citimortgage Customer Hardship Assistance Package

Flagstar Financial Information Form
Flagstar 3rd Party Authorization Form

Freddie Mac Short Sale Package
Freddie Mac Form 1126 Borrower Financial Statement

GMAC Mortgage
GMAC Short Sale Package

Greentree Short Sale Package

Heritage Title
Heritage Title Order Form
Heritage Title Short Sale Docs

Financial Statement
IMB Purchaser Eligibility Certification

OcwenFederal Bank
OCWEN Request for Financial Information
OCWEN Authorization to Released Information
OCWEN Hardship Explanation Letter
OCWEN Authorization to Access Property

Sun Trust Mortgage
Click Here for a Suntrust Short Sale Package

Titanium, Inc.
Titanium, INC Short Sale Checklist
Titanium Inc./Freddie Mac Short Sale Package

Click Here for a USAA Short Sale Package

US Bank
Click Here for a US Bank Short Sale Package

Wells Fargo Financial
Short Sale Packet
Property Status Report

Wells Fargo Home
Wells Fargo Listing Agreement Addendum
Wells Fargo Arms Length Affadavit
Wells Fargo Contract Addendum
Wells Fargo Closing Date Extension
Wells Fargo Financial Worksheet