Short Sale Training

This training course has been developed by short sale Realtors®, FOR short sale Realtors®! Our webinars will take you through an entire short sale transaction, from generating the business all the way to the closing table! Written training materials and various forms are also provided with each online session. Introduction – Our introduction session introduces the agents participating in the training and also outline the program and exactly what materials will be covered in the process.
Session #1 – Our first training session covers the basics. We will define various terms used in short sales and also examine how the process works as well as some basic “do’s and don’ts” as well. Session #2 – This session comprises of finding, screening and explaining the short sale process to future and current clients. We will also review all of the documents and forms included in our training program.
Session #3 – Property Valuations and Broker Price Opinions (BPO’s). In this session we will take you through a step by step process on how to do BPO’s and property valuations for banks and short sale properties. We will also explore the editable BPO and lender specific forms that will help you complete the process. In addition, we will provide you with ways to find lenders that will pay you to do BPO’s and an invaluable list of asset management companies looking for agents to do them.

Session #4 – Preparing short sale packages and preliminary HUD-1’s. We will analyze ways on how to prepare your package to get the negotiators attention and the technical side of the closing package.

Session #5 – Becoming a master negotiator. In this session we will give you tactical training for real life situations and the expert strategies to overcome them with deficiencies and commission reductions. Session #6 – This advanced webinar involves setting up a team to streamline the short sale process. In this session, we teach about the importance of delegating responsibilities in order to handle 15-20 or more new listings each and every month, and the different roles each person can play in the short sale process. We will also discuss advanced marketing strategies for short sale properties.
Now that you have completed the six training sessions, complete the final course examination to earn your Certified Short Sale Guide Designation!
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