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Short Sale Packages and Bank Forms – Here we have given you access to all major short sale packages from each lender, as well as other forms lenders and servicers frequently use when processing or approving short sales.

Listing Forms – Our forms section features over a dozen different forms to help you better list and process short sales. You will find great forms to help you list more short sales such as a short sale Q and A you can give you sellers, and a Short Sale VS Foreclosure comparison as well.

Lender Contact Number Directory – We have compiled a list of most lenders phone and fax numbers.

Training Course – Our Certified Short Sale Guide (CSSG) training course is now available for free. Just click here and start learning from the material and content at your leisure, developed by short sale Realtors, FOR short sale Realtors.

Short Sale Lead Machine Websites – The Short Sale Lead Machine Program, which includes our Short Sale Decision Maker Calculator, provides agents with a customizable short sale niche website and marketing program to help them stand out from the crowd and generate more short sale listings.

Mastermind Agent Webinars – Our Short Sale Mastermind Agent Webinars are webinar interviews featuring many of the top short sale coaches, agents, and trainers around the country. Learn what the best in the industry are doing to list more and close more short sale transactions.


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