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January 2013 UPDATE!!  This program is no longer active! We have STOPPED Preferred Partner Membership.  Up until recently, Preferred Partner Membership was the way for agents to get listings directly from us, however that has changed as of 2/1/2013.  Prior to getting DIRECT assignments from us, agents must join the Short Sale Lead Machine program and fill out our NETWORK BUSINESS AGREEMENT as well and then send it back to us. 

***Click Here for an overview of these membership changes.

Short Sale Lead Machine Program – This program provides agents with their very own short sale niche website, marketing program, and many resources.  They are only $1 to set up.  In addition, agents who are part of the Short Sale Lead Machine Program can get DIRECT short sale listing assignments from the Short Sale Specialist Network for a 25% referral fee.

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Membership on our public forum is FREE. You can access our forums, blogs and groups sections, and all
areas of this site by simply setting up a profile at !
**FREE Agent to Agent Referrals**
As a free member on our public forum,, you are free to refer buyer and seller
leads to other forum members. In order to encourage participation in our blogs and forums section,we
regularly give out FREE buyer leads to our most active participants. We also get some sellers visiting our
agent website as well.

We currently work with THOUSANDS of buyer and seller leads every month in every state! Our pre-screened and qualified buyers and sellers are Referred ONLY to our Preferred Partner agents . Referral fees are 25% of the listing or selling commission side.

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Access to our “members only” short sale resource website.
“Preferred Partner” membership logo added to your profile at . This will open you up to receiving many more referrals from other agents and the general public
Join Now
Agents in our network receive referrals from us based on availability and are graded based on consistency, accountability, experience, and production.
Our AVERAGE agent receives 1-3/Month. Some rural or small areas will produce less.
Unrestricted access to our “members only” short sale resource site, including lender short sale forms, as well as many other resources to help you list and close short sales.
ALL referrals are 100% Pre Screened, briefed on the short sale process, and expecting your call.
Discount on our Certified Short Sale Guide (CSSG) Training program.
Monthly discount on your Short Sale Lead Machine website.
We expect all of our agents to practice with the highest level of ethics. Please take the time to read our Network Business Agreement to be sure that you will be able to meet our expectations.