Can I customize my site? / How difficult is it to customize my site?
The short sale lead machine websites are very versatile and easily customized.  We have prepared a complete training program to teach you not only how to customize and add content to your website, but how to optimize it for success on the search engines, market online, and drive traffic to it in order to help generate more leads.

How do I get leads from the Short Sale Lead Machine program?
Leads are generated when visitors to your Short Sale Lead Machine website fill out a contact form or contact you directly.  Once a contact form is filled out, leads are individually emailed to you.  In addition, ALL leads generated by your site can be found on your dashboard on the back end of your site. There is no referral fee due on them and you are free to do with them what you please

I just want to get direct short sale listing assignments from The Short Sale Specialist Network.  Is this the same program and why do I need a website?
Our Preferred Partner Membership is a limited program that directly connects home owners in hardship with local short sale Realtors.  That is a completely different and separate program with a waiting list to join.  For Preferred Partner Membership we only want SERIOUS short sale agents, and serious short sale agents have quality short sale websites and training like the Short Sale Lead Machine.  For agents who are on our membership waiting list, as openings are made we need new agents for direct assignments in your area, we ONLY choose future referral agents who are already part of the Short Sale Lead Machine program.

How many leads and listings can I expect to get each month from the Short Sale Lead Machine program?
As many as you want.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools, tactics, techniques and technology to turn you into a Short Sale Lead Machine.  We have agents who list 5-10 properties or more each and every month solely through leads generated from their website. Through our free marketing training program, marketing packages, and other outreach and marketing that YOU can do, the sky is the limit!  You can either pay to get traffic to your site, or take the time to generate the traffic to your site yourself.  Once on your website, our systems are very strong at converting them.

Can I speak with some agents who have a history of working with you?
Absolutely.  We have a testimonials page with over 100 testimonials of agents who have a history of working with The Short Sale Specialist Network.  We always say that “The Proof is in the pudding”, and have also prepared a page to show you some of our sites that are at the top of the search engines in their local market in order to show you how effective our system is.

How long do I have to commit to the program? Do I have to sign a contract?
There is no contract or commitment.  The complete Short Sale Lead Machine Program costs $1 for the first month, $59 each month after with no contract and no commitment.

How long does it take to set up a site and when will it be active?
It takes 5-10 minutes to go through the set up process. Once you receive your welcome email and upload your photograph and company logo, it typically takes 2-3 business days for your website to become live.

Will my site be compliant with my state’s Real Estate laws?
Yes.  Content is generic in nature and should not violate any State laws or practices.  We also put a general content disclaimer below each post, as well as a MARS disclosure at the bottom.

I don’t have time to customize it and do marketing myself.  Are there any services to help with this?
Yes.  If you don’t utilize our free training, we have a wide array of customizations and affordable marketing packages in order to help optimize your site for success on the search engines and do a good bit of online marketing for you in order to generate some traffic to your website for you.

How will my website’s success compare to another agent’s SSLM site in the same area?
Remember, there are 10 spots on the first page of the search engines.  Plenty of room for everybody.  We have found that agents who either take the time to do the things we suggest on our marketing and lead generation training program OR purchase one of our marketing packages will have optimum results.

How long will it take to for my site to get on the first page of Google when someone searches keyword search terms for short sales in my area?
There are many variables that determine this.  We have found that agents who purchase a Gold Marketing package 75% are on the first page of the search engines within a couple weeks.  Some sites take time to be established on the search engines and work their way up.  Unique, quality content, coupled with doing the things in our marketing program are the best way for quick achieving top placement on the search engines.

Do I have to purchase a domain name, or will a free sub-domain be enough to produce quality results on the search engines? We STRONGLY encourage you to pay $15/year and purchase your own domain name when setting up your site.  We have found that this is best for good results on the search engines.  We will provide you with your own free sub-domain name of .theshortsaleguide.com, however getting your website to the top of search engines is extremely difficult like this.

How will I be able to keep track of the leads that my site produces?
Each lead will be emailed to you immediately after a contact form is filled out.  This data is also available once you log into your website on your “dashboard”.

Can I track my site’s analytics/traffic? 
Yes, Google Analytics or other traffic tracking programs can easily be added to your site.  As part of our Gold, Silver and Platinum marketing packages we add Google Analytics to your website, so once you are logged into your site you can track traffic on your dashboard.

How exactly to I set up a website and get started? How do I choose a target market area?
We encourage you to view our website set up tutorial to insure your website is set up correctly.  Remember, it is best to choose a custom domain name for $15/year, and it is also best just to have ONE target area for your site when setting it up.  View our set up tutorial.

Are there discounts for purchasing multiple website?
No, not at this time.

Are there any other incentives or programs instead of just a website? Can I just pay by the year for my website?
Yes and Yes.  The annual price if you choose to pay all at once is $575.  We also have several additional features you may want to take advantage of that are free of charge and included in your membership.  1.) Our Short Sale Mastermind Agent webinars are bi-weekly lead generation, marketing and training webinars featuring many of the top Short Sale Agents, Coaches and trainers in the country. 2.) We have a many resources at your disposal to better help you list, process and close more short sales. 3.) We have a complete marketing and training program to teach you how to customize your website and generate massive amounts of traffic to it.  4.) We offer many customizations as well as affordable marketing packages to generate some leads and optimize your site for greater success.